Our life is an apprenticeship to the truth, that around every circle another can be drawn; that there is no end in nature, but every end is a beginning.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Be It Evah So Umble

This, my dear friends, is where I will call home for the next 9 months. It is the green concrete... bunker? womb? refuge? Oh I will settle for a simpler narrative, let's just say like Wemmick, this shall be my castle away from the "office". It looks its sweetest from this vantage point. That is a nice bush there on the corner. But I am boxed in by a stagnant little pond, a strange house or barn or something behind me. I actually thought it was a cow shed until tonight when I saw a tv on inside. Or maybe the cows here watch old reruns of One Tree Hill. If you are thinking, "Wait a minute. I thought this son of a biscuit was supposed to suffer." Here is my the view out my front door:
That balcony on the second floor? If it was just a foot wider, I would be able to open the door. all the way. Here is my back yard:
What the gosh darn blankity heck are those round things? Dunno. But they are next to my kitchen sink:

Nice eh? That, by the way, is my mop. But you know, here in the part of Thailand I am in, Isan, it is all relative, and so I am feeling very blessed in my little castle, though it has no Wemmick moat and no Wemmick drawbridge. Perhaps I can install a cannon somewhere... Here is the downstairs- Empty but cooler than upstairs:

And here is the upstairs:

That, my precious, is the very computer on which I type this sentence to you. And of course, the piece de cleanliness and crapescence:

Yes, that is my toilet. Yes, that is my shower. It is my all around "wet room" which, as my dearest and moleiest friend would say, is either "really gross" or "totally Hawt" or perhaps both. Or like the qwerty keyboard, simply the resulting interface between history, technology, economics, and culture. Let's not forget the noble ancient Greeks had communal outdoor poopers, which is perhaps where they hatched the idea of democracy.


  1. Eh, there's nothing hawt about that turlet. Now, those pics of the pigs with eating disorders, that's a different story. When do we get a mailing address?

  2. Here is my rather long winded mailing address. I will put it somewhere on the face of the blog as well. Be forewarned, it is not cheap to mail things here. And it is not fast. If you send me a chunk of pork five seconds after you slaughter it, it should be a fully cured ham by the time it gets to me...

    Peter Pfister
    c/o Jesica McDonough, World Teach Field Director
    Nakhonphanom Educational Service Area Office 1
    Klangmuang Road Tambol Nongsang
    Aamphoe Province

  3. God I love that sentence that compares the toilet to the keyboard.