Our life is an apprenticeship to the truth, that around every circle another can be drawn; that there is no end in nature, but every end is a beginning.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Flight Plan

So one of the kids did an approximation and came up with 46 hours door to door. Since she was coming from Aspen and I from Denver, along with my drive to the airport, I come  up with the same. It was long. It was worth it to see the flooded fields surrounding Bangkok as we approached the airport. The air that met us on the tarmac was heavy and hot. The vans were cramped and my ass was officially pronounced dead somewhere into the 6th hour of driving. But strangely I wasn't bothered by it much. I never took the Halcyon and I slept fairly well. It felt great to be surrounded by an increasingly international and then Asian crowd.

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