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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Town Day Part 2- The Market

First of all, please excuse the glitches in grammar and spelling. I am typing and loading photos as fast as I can type because the internet is liable to drop out at any moment. I think I fixed the posting problem on the blog- I had it set to id'd users only- now it is open to anyone. Sorry for that. I have to add a short note about the trip before I move on. On the ride in and back Zach- our young hero from Columbia U, actually was reading from a miniature copy of Shakespeare's sonnets as he hung from the tsong tao. Not in any pretentious way. That is just Zach. It is quite something and extraordinarily surprising getting to know the type of young person who signs up to go around the world on adventure like this. I am amazed at the confidence and hope such a disparate group of young people carry in their hearts. Anyhoo, after we got to town, our first stop was the "Fresh Market". I will let the photos tell the story. I was taken back to Mexico when I was there with Angus. Again, why is it that when a nation grows successful and civilized, all the rawness and physicality gets stripped out of living? What a pungent collection of death and life and plants and animals and people. When I stopped to take a photo of the bucket of frogs at one woman's stall, she immediately picked one up, did something to kill it with her finger, then shredded back its skin to dangle it in front of me, laughing to her friends. PS If you click on the photos, and then click on them again, they should get quite large.

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