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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Dada X-mas

Twas the day before Christmas and down on his bike, rode Benjamin Adjan with pots and the like. We first went to Nakhom for taters and presents, and headed for Rita's, homegal with the peasents.
 The stockings were stuck to the concrete with string. The tree? A poinsettia stepped in as the thing.
  With Gen in her head dress
And Zach in his Cap

 And children outside gettin' down at the Wat.

An I-pod provided the right Christmas music,
set up by young Zach who just knew how to dooze it.

     While volunteers chatted and shared their travails,
Marchetti with his mashed potatoes did flail.         

For eating we put down our mats on the floor,
and laid out the dishes exceeding galore!

Our bellies all full (except Gen the abyss),

we walked into darkness to find Christian bliss.

In Thailand they say mai pen rai, that's no worries,
informed of the time change, perhaps we'd have hurried.
Back home we were greeted by Caitlin's sweet baking,
Our pants which were stretched, now officially breaking.
Then out to the field taking candles and rockets, for just a few more we rushed back to the market,
Though no one would say it was USA Mainstreet, we did get to watch Dr. Seuss on a bedsheet.
We'll always remember, I know cause I'm eldest, that Christmas we woke up, had Kao Pad for breakfast.

Though all of that take home will vanish and soon, we'll always have Thailand and Christmas Baboon!


  1. Hahah this is genius!


  2. I love it peter! Especially the ending of the crazy baboon

  3. How about an email when you get the chance?

  4. Looks like the guy in the blue shirt has lost a lot of weight. I bet when he goes home he will stop at the Owls Head General Store for a world famous burger.

  5. Merry Christmas Peter. We think of you often.

  6. The guy in the blue shirt is J, a skinnier, taller version of me! I am still my fat old self thanks to sticky rice for breakfast.

  7. So how about some pictures with the fat guy. Do you need some help with the Google purchase so we can see more pictures? Will be happy to make the purchase to keep your good work going.