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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Like a Broken Record

When you set out today, did you know ahead of time you were going to try to break the record?

No, actually. I  thought I was just going to do my short ride up to Wan Gasay, so I wanted to check how long that takes and I checked my cell phone for the start time. 

And so when did you change your mind and decide to do the big loop?

I guess it was tickling my mind a little even on the way up to Ben's. I was feeling pretty good and I hadn't stopped to take any pictures for once and I thought a little about pushing farther. I also knew I didn't have to stop at the grocery store today.

So you just decided to go for it like that?

Well, my friend called to say dinner was going to be a little later- I was talking on the phone while I was riding which was hard- and so I knew I had a little bigger window there, but really it was this little girl.


I know it sounds stupid but there was this girl- about 4 or five in the back of her dad's tractor, staring at me with total amazement as I was racing up, and it was right where I turn around on my short loop, and I wanted to give her a show so I kept going so I could whip by her.

 So it was more of less of an ego thing.

Ummm, I guess you could say I was showing off. But then I realized that if I was going to get back before my friend I was going to have to really haul ass.

 And were your Thai fans cheering you on?

Oh yeah, they're the best. The old guys yell this thing which I guess means go! go! go! and going through the villages top speed and dodging the water buffaloes and the crones and dogs and everything else brings the whole tour to life. and of course the smiles- I get a kick out of making the fans happy with being the strangest thing they saw that day.

Even though you have a basket on the back of your bike. Or maybe especially since you do.

And I am wearing dirty old crocs. You don't see a lot of villagers busting their ass getting all purple-faced in the name of health. I guess if I was bent over all day planting rice I wouldn't be as eager to go riding.

Back to the ride. when did you start thinking you could possibly set a new record?

It was on the final leg, along the main road. The bike was just running great. Fortunately I had gotten a little less lazy and oiled my chain for the first time in about a month. There was no wind and it was only in the mid-90's so I was hanging in pretty well.

And then you just had the hill and the fresh market and home?

I was still feeling a decent dose of energy and then I was gaining on this moped and that became my target to keep me pushing.

You were able to catch them?

Oh yeah.

Then it was just the Buddha and home.

Did you Wei the Buddha or were you too rushed? Did you check your time at that point?

Always. I figure it is his circuit I am riding, so my motto is Wei the Big Guy. And no I didn't want to jinx it by checking to see where I was timewise.

So you got back and then checked?

Yep, just before wheezing and pretty much collapsing on the doorstep.

 And actual time you shaved off?

4 minutes.

How did you celebrate?

I had to play it sort of cool, because my friend had been waiting, locked out of my place for close to 15 minutes, so even though in a way I was early, I was actually late, too.

You know, many people will say that in spite of breaking this long held record you are pretty much an idiot.

That goes without saying.

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